Daughter’s Heartwarming Gift to Aging Mother, But Wait Till You See How It Looks Inside

Having family close by to help out is great, especially as you get older. However, a large portion of the population is wary about relying solely on them.

They prefer to maintain their autonomy. In order to be near her family as she grew older, a woman named Merle returned to Victoria, Australia.

But she also desired to reside in the solace of her very own house.

Ferne, who is a tiny house designer, took it upon herself to build a dwelling for her mom.

Among her numerous stunning residences, this one stood out.
It belonged to Mom.

In order to accommodate her mother’s advancing years, she had this magnificent 23.5 x 8 ft house built.

This home is ideal for Merle because of its wide doors and ramps, which greatly facilitate her mobility.

It was so important that Merle’s height be considered when designing the kitchen counters.

The design took into account any alterations that could occur as Merle ages.

In case Merle needs to cling on anything to keep her equilibrium, the walls are strengthened with handrails.

When planning the ingenious layout of the house, Ferne considered every possible detail.

They have the option to demolish that lovely terrace if they decide to sell or move.

The picturesque farm offers such a picturesque vista, though, that it’s hard to fathom why they would ever consider leaving.

The breathtaking scenery is something that Merle will never grow enough of. It serves as the finishing touch.

In order to save her mother the hardship of winter, Ferne made sure that the walls and roof were well-insulated.

To further prevent insects from getting inside, screens were set up.

Remember, this is Australia!

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