Dad Kicks Son Out Of House After Young Man Excluded Him From Wedding Over Bride’s Parents

After attending college there and deciding to stay rather than returning to New Jersey, a man from New Jersey bought his son a four-bedroom home in Pennsylvania.

The home would be a good spot for them to visit occasionally so they could spend quality time with their kid in between travelling from New Jersey to Manhattan for business, the man thought, making it a worthwhile investment.

While his son was in charge, the original poster (OP) was in charge of paying the house’s taxes, services, and maintenance.

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Up until the man’s son met his future bride, the arrangement worked very well for both men.

The young man met a woman while residing in the Pennsylvania home, and their connection quickly developed. His new girlfriend moved in with him after he proposed and took over his father’s home.

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All seemed well when the young man’s family met his prospective wife and everyone got along well. However, things started to go wrong when the wedding was brought up.

In order to introduce their son and new daughter-in-law’s families and to honour the engaged pair, the family hosted a “get to know you” BBQ at the Pennsylvania residence.

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When the OP’s son’s fiancée, her mother and sisters, the OP’s wife and daughter, and the young man himself entered the house together, everything looked to be going smoothly during the BBQ at first.

The OP’s wife and daughter emerged from the house shortly after everyone else did, both of them looking quite distressed. They told the OP they were leaving right away to head back to New Jersey, but they wouldn’t say why.

The OP drove the women in his life back to their homes without asking them any more questions. He discovered what went wrong after they got home and the women had a chance to collect themselves.

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The future bride’s family informed the OP’s family that they were not “their kind of people” and were therefore not welcome to the wedding while they were inside the OP’s home with his wife and daughter.

The OP was horrified by this and phoned his son to find out his opinion on the situation. He shared:

“He tells me that her family [feels] that we are not good enough and will embarrass them at a family wedding and that we are all uninvited from the wedding.”

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The OP took a week to cool off after that phone call before driving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to speak to his son in person. However, what he discovered when he arrived there astonished and infuriated him.

When the OP arrived at his Pennsylvania home, he discovered his future daughter-in-law and her family there instead of him, having apparently moved in without telling him.

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He explained that he went there to speak to his son because he had been excluded from the wedding when his future daughter-in-law’s family inquired as to why he was there. He was then instructed to leave their home. The OP admitted that

“I lost it and told them that they had 30 days to get out. Tell my son I’m selling the house, and he could find somewhere else to live with all of you. I go to a realtor in town and list the house for sale.”

The OP’s son was not home at the time of the incident, but his fiancée called him at work to inform him of what had occurred because she believed the son owned the home rather than his father.

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The OP’s son then called him and inquired as to why he was selling his home. The OP responded that his son was residing there without paying rent and was to go because he no longer wanted to be around his family. The OP felt “in-laws seem to take over and we no longer count.”

A lawyer would evict the young guy, his fiancée, and her family if they didn’t leave the house within 30 days. People who spotted the post told the man to hire counsel right away and that he wasn’t being unreasonable. Instead, they believed that the OP had the right to expel them.

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