I dumped the man I really liked on our first date despite him offering to pay for whole $400 dinner

First dates can either be memorable or disastrous experience. For one woman, her first date to a man she found sweet, handsome, and intelligent, turned into something she never expected only because of a mean comment he made.

She started her post writing, “After years of being single due to my workaholic lifestyle, a friend played matchmaker and connected me with Alex. Initial conversations made him seem perfect, sweet, handsome, working as an architect with a great sense of humor. Our first dinner at his favorite childhood chain restaurant took an unexpected turn when the $400 bill arrived.”

During the night, the two spoke about their lives and she revealed that she’s been saving money in order to be able to study medicine and become a surgeon.

So, when the bill arrived, she offered to contribute $200, but he insisting on treating.

Eventually, she agreed and even found his act very generous, but then, he suggested that she uses the money she was saving for breast enlargement surgery.

“Stunned, I composed myself and fired back, highlighting the audacity of his comment and recommending a ‘brain-increasing’ procedure for him. Walking out, I left $200 on the table,” the woman explained.

“Later, I learned Alex was banned from the entire restaurant chain due to our waiter’s connection. His attempts to justify the inappropriate comment, coupled with a misguided effort to get me fired, revealed his mean-spirited nature. The experience taught me to stand up against disrespect and served as a cautionary tale,” she added.

This date didn’t stop her from believing that she would eventually find the one, because she knows that not all men share Alex’s demeanor.

What are your thoughts on this? Did she do the right thing?

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