Son took his mother to a nursing home and only visited her from time to time

Do we ever stop to consider the adage “what goes around, comes around”? We frequently take certain activities without fully understanding the effects they have on other individuals. Fortunately, life manages to remind us that we ought to exercise a little more consideration.

One man opted to move his mother into a nursing home after he was no longer able to care for her after his father passed away. She wasn’t content there, and he just sometimes paid her a visit.

He received word one day that his mother’s condition had gotten worse. She felt nothing at all. It appeared as though she was nearing the end of her life.

The son arrived at the nursing home in a timely manner. He immediately proceeded to his mother’s room to inquire if there was anything he could do to help.

The mother told him she had few demands while looking directly into his eyes. After learning that, he expressed his willingness to grant her last desire.

The mother went on to say that she occasionally felt like she was being suffocated by the fans and that’s why she wanted them replaced. “If you could also replace the refrigerator… There were times when the food had gone bad and I went to sleep hungry,” she continued.

The son was taken aback. He believed his mother was unaware of her impending death. Then he questioned her about why she hadn’t told him everything before. It was too late now.

“I know I will die, but I think of you when your children won’t want you next to them either,” the mother remarked, staring into his eyes. And they’ll transport you over here.You will then discover improved circumstances. You receive what you give… Never forget that.

The son’s heart was shattered to bits by these remarks. He was aware that leaving his mother in the nursing home against her wishes was a mistake.

It is our duty to ensure that our parents live happy, fulfilling lives in their latter years, and we should never lose sight of this.

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