Boy didn’t ask for any gifts from Santa – Instead requests to help his sister

Having a sibling is a true blessing. Brothers and sisters are always there for you when no one else is. You share with them your joy, your sadness, your accomplishments, and you turn to them when things get hard.

Ryan Suffern is an 8-year-old boy from North Carolina who has a twin sister. He loves her dearly…unconditionally. In fact, he loves her so much that he’s willing to trade some pretty cool toys for her happiness.

Source: Facebook/Karen Lynn Suffern

As it turns out, his sister Amer weights more than Ryan and the rest of the children in their class. That, unfortunately, made her a victim of bullying. Children often tease her and pick on her, and Ryan wants that to stop.

This kindhearted boy wrote to Santa and his letter touched many hearts. In it, he wrote how he wanted a remote-controlled car and a helicopter, but changed his mind because he now has a much important thing to ask for, his sister not to be picked on any more. He explains that Amer does nothing to provoke her bullies and that it’s not fair for her to be teased. That makes Ryan really mad.

Source: Facebook/Karen Lynn Suffern

When his mother Karen read the letter in order to see what toys her children asked for, she couldn’t stop tears from running down her face.

The truth is that she has been aware that he daughter experienced bullying at school, and no matter what she did to prevent it, things didn’t really change. “She would tell me things that kids would say at school,” Karen explained. “They would egg her on to do different things: she would crawl on the floors on a bus. You know, she would eat things off the chairs…It hurt me because I’m like, ‘I hope she’s not feeling how I used to feel when I was her age’? And it was a pattern.”

Once the story of Ryan’s letter and Amber’s bullying came known to the public, the two were invited to Good Morning America.


Speaking to Josh Elliott, who was the co-anchor of Good Morning America, Amber explained how kids at school pick on her but said she didn’t know why.

“They say I’m fat. I’m stupid. I’m ugly. And I’m hideous. I don’t really believe them,” the girl explained. And when it came to her sweet brother, Amber described him as fun, active, and protective.

Besides asking Santa for his twin sister not to be bullied, Ryan also asked if it would be possible Amber’s favorite band, Big Time Rush, to attend her birthday party and make it even more special. This was like an early gift.


As you are guessing already, the crew at Good Morning America made this dream come true by inviting the band to their program too.

Not only they played for Amber that day, but she and her loving brother were also invited as VIP guests at a weekend concert in New York City.

Luckily, after this story went viral, Karen was allowed to start a dialogue with her children’s school, which made things better for Amber, who suffers from ADHD, depression, and mood disorder.

“The school has been in touch and they’re making sure my daughter feels comfortable and safe. They moved her on the bus because about 98 percent of the bullying takes place on the bus. She’s now sitting with her cousin who’s much older than Amber is”.

“Today and yesterday she didn’t wake up begging me to let her stay home, so I guess that’s a good sign,” Karen said.


We truly hope this boy’s wish come true and that all the bullying in the world would stop because it is a very serious matter which affects many young children.

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