Billy Ray Cyrus marries Firerose at 34 – Fans astonished by unexpected announcement

The Achy Breaky Heart singer, Billy Ray Cyrus, and his third wife, singer Firerose, tied the knot in October 2023.

The couple sparked engagement rumors when she posted a photo wearing a diamond on her ring finger on Sept. 13, 2022. It was later revealed that Billy proposed some months earlier.

“Billy looked at me and said, ‘Do you, do you wanna marry me?’ And I was just like, ‘Of course I do. I love you,’” Firerose said of the proposal. “He said, ‘I love you. I wanna make this official. I wanna be with you forever.’”


The pair first met some 12 years ago while he filmed Hannah Montana and she was there to audition for a part in the show.

Recalling the first time they met, Billy shared, “There were a couple of old pine trees on the lot that reminded me of Tennessee. Tex, my dog, and I would go out there in the middle of the day, and he’d do his thing. We’d stretch, and I’d think about how much I missed Tennessee. On that particular day, Firerose emerged from the front door. There was almost a moment of, I don’t know, recognition. I thought, ‘This girl’s a star.’”

He then continued, “She mentioned she had an audition, and I said, ‘Well, I’m sure you got the job.’”

Firerose didn’t get the part, but the two stayed in touch.

“I just thought, well, the casting agents, the producers, the writers, they’re all on the floor of where we do Hannah Montana. And I actually said to her, ‘Don’t ever take a strange man up on this offer, but, in this case, Tex will testify that you will be totally safe,’” Billy said.

“‘I’m going to introduce you to a producer, and you can kind of make yourself at home and watch us rehearse and, you know, maybe it might lead to a role or just another contact at Disney.’ And, so, off me and her and Tex went back to the studio. And I think she met a lot of the cast and met the producers, writers. And, in some ways, well, in a lot of ways, we became friends,” the Billy shared.

He proposed in August 2022, and not longer after that, she moved in with him.

Before tying the knot with Firerose, 34, Billy, 62, was married to Tish Cyrus for 28 years. The exes share five children together, daughters Miley, Noah, and Brandi, and sons Trace and Braison. Billy also has another child, son Christopher Cody, whom he had with Kristen Luckey, the woman he dated before Tish.

Being a singer-songwriter herself, Firerose and her husband collaborated on various projects. Most recently, they released their music collaboration – a cover of Silent Night as well as their music video for their fourth single together, titled Plans which was premiered exclusively by People.

“Plans’ is such a positive song full of love and passion. Everyone on set brought their A game. I’m so excited for fans to see what we created!”

When they shared photos of their wedding day, Firerose and Billy received an outpouring of messages from fans congratulating them on their union. However, one thing caught many people’s attention -Billy’s hair – and they decided to share their opinion on the matter.

“Could he not have at least combed his hair for the occasion?” asked one person. “He couldn’t find a comb?!” asked someone else. “All that money and no hairbrush?!” joked another.

We congratulate the happy couple.

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