A Reddit user, u/expensive_concept152, a woman, had shared her traumatizing story on Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit. She talked about how her ex-husband had left the woman, for her 19-year-old sister.

After six years had passed, the ex-husband tried to contact via emails, but she had already started her new life, away from that terrible man.

The original poster, OP, had stated that she met with her ex-husband, Dan, 15 years ago, as she was celebrating her 18th birthday at a restaurant. As she described, “He was really nice, charming and mature. He made me feel loved and special.”

She explained that her family had a toxic relationship, where her parents were constantly fighting. Sometimes her father would go and wouldn’t come for months. He passed away when her sister, Abby was born.

OP explained that her mother was more fond of her sister, as she was more attentive towards her needs, as she felt that something was missing, in her behaviour towards to OP, with the way she was dealing with her sister, Abby.

As the OP met with Dan, she felt that she was complete. She found the person that she would die with. He was supportive, caring, and loving. They married after four years of dating. OP explained that Dan had helped her to do her masters, and he had helped her to build her business career.

As she wanted children, Dan stated that they should wait until they are economically stable. After five years of marriage, OP found out that Dan was cheating on her with her sister, Abby.

She learned that he was in town, at a hotel, after he said that he needs to out of city for a business meeting, to have sex with her sister, Abby.

OP said that she was devastated. She really loved her sister, and her husband. She had confronted with her husband, and asked that how he could cheat on her with her 19-year-old sister.

Dan stated that he doesn’t love her anymore, since she doesn’t give him the attention he wanted. He said that she isn’t the same girl who she loved anymore.

Sadly, during that period, she found out that she was pregnant. With the stress, and anxiety she had, she had a miscarriage. OP said that Dan didn’t even visited her when she lost their baby, as he was in a vacation with her sister.

OP explained that her sister was always touchy with her husband, and they would stare at each other sometimes. She stated that she should have known. And her mother had supported Abby, and said to OP that she should leave it.

OP was suicidal, as she lost her husband and baby in a short period, as she was all alone. Her friend, Tina, took her as she helped her to move to another stated.

As she had moved to a different stated, she met with new people, and her husband, Tony. After a year later from her move, she met with him. She explained that he is trustworthy, and a good man, that she loves.

She is also pregnant with Tony’s child too, as they had married after a year from their meeting. She then continued that Dan had emailed her, as she found out. She was in distress again, when she saw the mail.

Dan had stated that he missed her, tried to find her but couldn’t. He was apologizing about cheating her with her sister. Then stated that Abby had cheated him with his cousin. Dan stated that he was devastated, and he explained that he will divorse from Abby, as he wanted to return to the OP.

OP explained that she only has one social media, and that is her private Instagram account. So it is normal for Dan to think that she is not married. She stated that she has no intention to change her life, as she is in a loving relationship with her husband, and waiting for her baby’s arrival.

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