«She has aged like fine wine!»: Camera lenses captured 60-year-old Foster without makeup and filters

The fans were not ready to see 60-year-old Foster without makeup! 😦😯 The new photos of Jodie Foster with no filters resulted in mixed reactions! 😮🙄

However surprising it seems, Jodie Foster has already turned 60. It has been not once that the outstanding actress admitted that she completely accepts her age and doesn’t even try to do anything against ageing. She claims it brings her freedom.

Unlike many of her co-stars, she doesn’t even take an attempt to look younger and to hide her grayed hair, age-related changes and imperfections. She is simply proud of her age.

The new photos of the outstanding actress without filters and retouching quickly became the topic of discussions.

«No one is getting younger! Let the woman live her life!», «Like us, ordinary people, she has the absolute right to age and change!».

She will always be the only actress I adore!», «I will never stop admiring her!», «She is not obliged to meet all your standards!».

«It is nothing but a pure pleasure to have a look at her!», «No wonder she stole many hearts back then!», «No matter age, a woman should take care of herself!».

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