Husband constantly mocks unemployed wife for doing nothing, finds a note after ambulance takes her away

Contrary to the opinion of many, stay-at-home moms do have a lot on their plate. From running errands, making sure the house is all clean, and taking care of the kids, the work these moms do sometimes goes unnoticed.

When a woman named Sara got married and gave birth to two children, she decided to quit her job as an interior designer and focus on raising her sons, Cody and Sonny.

She was responsible about plenty of things around the house while her husband had a well-paid job as a gave developer.

He did provide for the family, but he somehow never appreciated his wife’s work only because she didn’t have a ‘real’ job. What’s most, he was barely around. As his job required working overtime, Harry stayed at the office late, and whenever he would return home, he expected his wife to have taken care of the house, the children, and even his stuff.

One morning, as Sara and the kids were waiting for him to have breakfast with them, Harry entered the kitchen while looking at his phone and didn’t even greet his wife and children back. He just grabbed a piece of toast and returned to his room. A moment later he started yelling at Sara for not having his white shirt ironed for the upcoming meeting that was of crucial importance to him.

“I didn’t have enough whites for a full load until now. You have other white shirts!!” Sara explained.

“This is a big day for me, and you’re making excuses?” Harry retorted.

“You’re overreacting, Harry. Your presentation is what matters. It’s just a shirt. So stop barking, alright?”

“Oh really? I’m barking? You wanna do this now?”

“Do what, Harry? You’re making a scene for a stupid little thing. And nobody would be interested in what color shirt you’re wearing when all eyes would be fixed on your goddamn presentation.”

“A goddamn presentation? Come again…Did you just say that? Do you have any idea how I’ve been busting my butt off day and night for that project?”

Man and woman, married couple arguing at home.

“Watch your words. The kids….”

“You sit at home all day doing nothing,” Harry blurted out. “Is it too hard to remember one simple thing? All you do is Blah Blah Blah and NOTHING at home.”

“Harry, stop this. The kids are watching. You’re scaring them.”

“Oh really? And nobody watches you when you’re on the goddamn phone gossiping all the time with your friends. Nobody watches that, huh, Sara? You can never be a good wife if you can’t do even a simple thing for me!”

Harry’s words broke Sara’s heart. She couldn’t put up with the way he treated her any longer. She let go of her career for him and the kids, but he never appreciated her efforts.

Harry put a random shirt on and headed to the office. His presentation was a successful one, and he couldn’t wait to share the news with Sara and the kids, although he was a bit puzzled because she didn’t call him during the day to apologize for arguing with him. Sara was the one who always apologized first, no matter if she was right or wrong.

Young married couple having argument in the kitchen in the morning

When Harry entered the house, he stumbled upon a note written by Sara which read that she wanted a divorce.

Harry was confused and called Sara’s sister Zara who informed him that Sara was admitted to the hospital.

Harry went to the hospital. He asked to see Sara and talk to her. The doctors told him she had a mild attack and that he could only stay for a few minutes in her room.

Seeing Sara, Harry got teary. He asked her if she really meant it when she wrote she wanted to divorce him. Her answer was a resounding yes. He tried to change her mind, but she didn’t want to listen.

When she was discharged from the hospital, Sara didn’t return home. She left the kids with Harry and left.

He was now in a very difficult position. Not only he was going to work, but he was also taking care of them.

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As he was struggling to balance between home and work, Harry started being late and not being able to complete his tasks on time.

One day, his boss, who was also his friend, invited him over for a drink because he wanted them to discuss something about work.

“Harry, we’ve noticed you’ve been missing deadlines and coming in late. And we’re a business…If you know what I mean,” the boss, Mr. Adams said.

Harry, trying to lighten the mood, joked, “So, you plan to let your best game developer go?”

“I’m afraid, yes,” Mr. Adams replied seriously. “It’s out of my hands. I’ll give you good recommendations.”

“What? Please, don’t do this! I need this job for my kids.”

As Harry left the bar, he received a call from Sara. She hadn’t call him in a while, and what she told him left him entirely speechless.

His ex-wife informed him that she wanted the custody of the children.

“Custody?? How dare you? After you left us?” Harry fumed.

“Harry, I’m their mother. I have rights,” Sara insisted.

“You abandoned them, and now you want to take them away? They’re used to me now,” Harry argued.

Sara was determined. “I deserve to have them back. I’ll see you in court.”

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On te day of the hearing, the judge got to listen to both Sara’s and Harry’s side of the story.

Now that he lost his job and was only working as a freelance video editor, he wasn’t making much money. Sara on the other hand landed a job as an interior designer and made more money than her ex.

After the hearing, the judge decided to give full custody to Sara.

Harry was devastated. He was used to taking care of his sons. Sara was missing for six months, and he was the only person in their lives during that period.

“….Mr. Harry, you’ll have the right to visit your children and take them with you two days a week. You’re required to pay $860 as support to your children every month. This case is now closed.”

When the day arrived for Sara to take the kids with her, they weren’t willing to leave their dad.

“You’re just tearing us apart,” said Cody as he let go of Sara’s hand and bolted to Harry.

“We want both Mommy and Daddy!” added Sonny.

That was it. Sara couldn’t stop tears from rolling down her face. She approached her children and hugged them. She understood that they really needed both their parents by their side.

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