3-month-old baby’s belly grows bigger and bigger, doctor takes 1 look and realizes awful truth

Welcoming a baby in their lives is what most couples dream of, and Sarah and Chris St. James weren’t any different.

The moment they learned they were expecting their second baby, they were overjoyed. When baby Sloan was born, she looked like the most perfect little girl they have ever seen.

However, as days gone by, the parents noticed that Sloan’s belly started growing more and more. At first, they believed she was just a bit chubby, but they eventually decided to visit a doctor and be at ease.

Facebook/Sarah St James

Unfortunately, after running tests and check-ups, doctors determined Sloan was suffering from a serious disease known as biliary atresia that affects the liver. In this case, the bile ducts get blocked and damaged. The bile builds up in the liver, which eventually breaks under the pressure if the disease is left untreated.

Speaking to Sentinel Source, Sarah said, “Here we are thinking we’re bringing her in for peace of mind, and instead it was devastating. Everything we dreaded came true.”

A week after the initial hospital visit, Sloan was forced to return and be admitted at the intensive care unit.

The devastated parents were told that the thing that could help save Sloan’s life was a transplant. Sadly, no member of the family was a match.

The hospital did their best to find a donor, but the success of finding a match outside the family is rare.

Even if someone is a match, they must willingly accept to be donors, they need to go through a psychiatric evaluation, and of course they need to be physically healthy.

One of the family’s close friends, Jake Tenney, re-shared Sarah and Chris’ plea on Facebook, and it caught the attention of one person who showed he was a hero many times in his life, but would he become a hero in Sloan’s story too?

The person was Jake’s brother, Steve Tenney, an American Army veteran who has also worked as a police officer in New Hampshire for 18 years.

Steve, 40, was in a great shape and hasn’t visited a doctor for over 10 years. He was willing to undergo tests in order to learn if he was a match, and to the surprise of many, he was.

This man didn’t hesitate even a bit when he made the decision to give part of his liver to baby Sloan.

Shortly after all the tests, he had undergone the surgery that saved a precious life.

“Fortunately, here, I was in a good position. My wife and I talked and it was really a no-brainer — if you can help a 4-month-old and potentially save her life, it’s something you’re going to do,” Steve said.

The liver is the only organ that can heal itself, so Steve would be fine after taking some time to fully recover.

As of Sloan, her liver would grow stronger over time.

Hearing of stories where complete strangers step in for those in need restores our faith in humanity. People like Steve are making this world a much better place.

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