While sunbathing on the beach, a man photographs a horrific creature…You will be surprised to know what it really was

In today’s world, most people are forced to follow hectic schedules, so taking a well-deserved rest every once in a while feels like a must.

Speaking of it, what’s better for cleansing your mind and soul than to go to the beach and dive into the sea? This can be a truly incredible experience because it allows us to enjoy ourselves before we are finally ready to get back to reality.

A man from Mexico decided he needed to spend some time at the beach and was looking forward to having some fun time.

What he didn’t expect, however, was to stumble to a sight that scared him to death.

As he was walking around, he noticed something that resembled a shadow, but as he got a bit closer, he realized it was a creature like he had never seen before.

Before long, he took his phone out and took a couple of photos of it along with a video. He was quick to share it on his social media and ask users if they could tell what it was. As he was afraid to make more moves towards the creature, he waited to see if anyone could help him learn what he was dealing with.

The fear of the unknown started growing bigger and bigger. The man was uncertain of what to do next.

But then, at one moment, the strange creature made a move and the man realized it was a dog whose hair was overgrown. On top of it, the animal had taken a strange position. It was practically impossible to see that it was in fact a dog until it moved.

The photos and the video went viral and people got really confused.

At the end of the day, this man’s experience at the beach made for an optical illusion that confused many.

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