My in-laws told me to sleep in a barn – I wasn’t ready for such disrespect & took my revenge

The relationship with the in-laws can be a challenging one. The truth is that things turn even messier when the spouse sides with his parents instead with his significant other, and these ‘issues’ don’t necessarily get easier to deal with as time passes.

A woman named Evelyn took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong for revealing to everyone on the social media about the treatment she received by her in-laws during a visit prior to the holiday.

Namely, she and her husband were overly excited for the trip to his parent’s place because they were about to introduce the newest addition to the family, their twins, to the grandparents.

Once there, things seemed normal at first until the in-laws presented Evelyn with the sleeping arrangement for the night. As it turned out, she and her husband couldn’t sleep together, and neither the twins.

While her husband, Mike, was expected to sleep in his childhood bedroom, Evelyn was asked to sleep in the barn.

As expected, she got confused and upset and confronted her husband about it, but he dismissed her concerns and didn’t think it was a big deal.

As her in-laws insisted on separate sleeping arrangements despite Evelyn not being happy about it, she reached her breaking point. via Deposit Photos

At that moment, she documented the bizarre living conditions, booked a flight home, and shared what had happened on the social media, exposing how her in-laws treated her to her social media friends and followers.

Her husband and his parents got extremely mad and asked her to apologize for what she did.

She’s now even contemplating to spend Christmas with her own parents, who are very supportive and where she and her twins feel loved and cared for.

Evelyn asked Redditors to advise her on what’s the most appropriate thing to do.

What would you do if you were in her possition?

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