This guy was shocked while on his way to work and running into his dog on the train

We all know that our dogs perceive us as part of the band. Dogs are social animals, and they need us, just as we need them.

Thomas McCormack, a handyman from the UK, travelled by train on Friday morning. It was a normal day, he said goodbye to his dog, Paddy, and locked it safely in the yard. But then something very confusing happened.

McCormack sat in a moment when suddenly Paddy sat next to him!

Paddy went on the train and sat down in the seat next to his owner! McCormack had no choice but to take Paddy to work with him. He began to figure out how it happened and remembered that several times he came back home from work and found Paddy waiting in front of the gate. Not in the courtyard.

After the last operation houdini, McCormack asked the neighbors for help. They told him they saw Paddy uses the trampoline to launch himself over the fence! That dog is a genius!

McCormack said that Paddy probably followed his scent all the way to the train station. Paddy has probably tried to follow McCormack in the past, but on Friday it was his first success!

No wonder why Paddy put so much effort to be with his owner. He probably can’t stand the fact that its owners will not be with him, not even for a single minute. They have an amazing relationship those two.

In the video below you can hear McCormack tell of Paddy’s impressive escape operation.

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