Veterinarian crawls into kennel to sleep with dog who got hurt in fire

The life of a puppy, named Taka, almost ended in a fire. Last week, the eight-year-old’s house caught fire while he was on a porch. As much as his family tried, they couldn’t make it in time and had to leave the house.

A miracle happened

Taka managed to escape the porch alone and ran down the street. A gentle neighbor eventually found the dog and ran to the Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

“He had burns around his eyes, mouth, ears, belly,” said Emily Martin, vet at Care More Animal Hospital. “We really didn’t know how bad his injuries were initially because we had to worry about inhalation burns.”

Taka’s eyes were also seriously injured… Unfortunately, he ended up going blind.

When Taka started to have trouble breathing, the veterinary team transferred the pup to the University of Georgia clinic. There, he could be connected to an oxygen machine. After a few days, Taka was strong enough to return to Care More Animal Hospital, and they are doing everything they can to help.

Martin was moved

“I try to treat my patients in the same way, but his case has pulled the heart out a little more,” Martin said. “When he came in, he was screaming in pain.”

Martin spoke to Taka’s family shortly after his arrival at the veterinary hospital, and they eventually surrendered Taka to Martin’s care because of his health. Since then, Martin has decided to become more than Taka’s veterinarian: she became his mother.

As the hospital is not open 24 hours a day, Martin took Taka home at night. So he didn’t have to sleep alone. The next day, Martin crawled into Taka’s kennel at the veterinary hospital, and they slept together.

One of Martin’s co-workers caught the fluffy moment:

For Martin, one of the most incredible things about Taka is how gentle he is, despite everything he’s going through. “Often, when the animals are in pain, they begin to bite. However, he didn’t try to bite once.”

While it’s still early to tell how burns will affect Taka in the long run, Martin and the other veterinarians are optimistic about his recovery, especially since he is eating and going to the bathroom alone.

“He’s definitely in a lot of pain, but we’re hoping he’ll be fine,” Martin said.

Taka’s personality is beginning to shine

“He likes belly rubs and loves food, so he’s a pig,” Martin said. “He also likes to hug.“

Martin has become very attached to Taka and has thought of adopting him forever. However, the woman already has five other dogs and a seven-month-old baby. So she admits that her home may not be the ideal place for Taka, who will need a lot of individual care.

Martin is determined to find the best home for him, with people who recognize the special dog he is. “He went through something so traumatic and painful, and yet he doesn’t give up,” Martin said. “He’s so tough.”

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