Mom shares video of dying 2-year-old daughter’s last moments singing her favorite song

As a parent, all you want to do is keep your child safe and shield them from harm.

So watching your child become ill and being powerless to intervene is arguably the worst thing that can happen to any parent. Magalli Jimenez gave birth to a lovely daughter named Ava Skye.

Her daughter’s first year was amazing, but it all came apart when Ava reached 13 months old.

When Jimenez spotted her daughter in discomfort, she took her to the doctor. The doctor informed the young mother of the lethal diagnosis: a muscular cancer that was impeding the physical growth of the tiny girl and causing discomfort.

The young mother braced herself for battle, knowing she needed to be strong for her baby girl. She felt optimistic about Skye’s oncologist’s treatment plan. She hoped she could take her place as she saw her child go through grueling chemotherapy sessions.

Skye was ultimately confirmed in remission after numerous rounds of treatment and check-ups. Her family was overjoyed. They had no idea the tiny girl would relapse so quickly.

Skye’s cancer relapsed in July 2022, according to the family. The physicians informed the family that the cancer was resistant to therapy and that the only option was to remove it surgically. However, due to Skye’s early age, she would have little chance of recovering from the procedure.

The family was heartbroken. Jimenez realized she’d only have a few days, if not weeks, with her baby. She watched as her daughter deteriorated from a healthy toddler to a frail child who could hardly walk or talk.

Her mother made the difficult decision to place her daughter in hospice care in order to make the young girl’s dying days as comfortable as possible. While Jimenez occasionally retreated to the toilet to cry, she always made sure to smile and laugh with her kid.

“We will just let her live her life and enjoy her and do all the things that we’ve ever wanted to do with her. We’ve made a bucket list for her,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez’s friend, Davina Galvan, who is also the mother of a cancer-stricken child, set up a GoFundMe page to raise $5,000 for the family. She wanted her friend Jimenez to have enough money to complete everything on her daughter’s bucket list.

Skye died on August 22, 2022, in the presence of her mother. Skye’s mother cradled her close to her body as she died, heartbroken but glad that her little baby was no longer in pain.

Skye, who could hardly stand, sung a song to her mother while looking into her eyes the day before she died. She performed her favorite song., “I love you. You love me. We are a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss kiss. [sic] Won’t you say you love me too?”

Her mother was able to record the touching event on tape. She shared the video on social media so that everyone could see what a wonderful little soul the youngster had been, comforting her mother in her final hours.

“My heart will forever be broken, it will never be the same, but I promised her that I would live for her. Hug your kiddos a little harder today, even when they drive you insane,” Jimenez said

Jimenez expressed how much she missed her daughter and how she would do anything to be able to hug her again.

Our thoughts are with Skye’s family as they cope with this unthinkable loss.

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