“Decided to Go Back to Being a Man”: How Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst Looks Today. She’s unpredictable!

Just to refresh your recollection, K. Wurst won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, shocking the entire world with his extravagant performance. She appeared on stage wearing a tight outfit, a beard, and colorful makeup.

Long hair and heavy makeup, however, seem to have faded in 2014. Conchita displays a very different image today. Recent pictures show that she has made a remarkable makeover.

As a result, brand-new images of Wurst have appeared online, showing her dressed more like a man. Although it’s obvious from the star’s outfit that some old habits still exist.

These photographs caused a lot of astonishment among internet users. They think Conchita looks much better with her natural appearance. Some women said that it could be preferable for her to adopt a male character once more.

However, we’re curious in your opinions on such changes. Please post your thoughts in the comments section!

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