Donnie Wahlberg hands single mom jaw-dropping tip at IHOP – tells her ‘open it when we leave’

Not many people possess the fortitude to turn a new leaf and start their lives again. Bethany Provencher, a woman, is not one of those individuals that shies away from difficulties and fresh starts.

After 18 years in Miami, this woman, a single mother of an 11-year-old kid, packed up all she owned and relocated to St. Charles, Illinois for a fresh start.

After 25 years in the customer service sector, she obtained a position as a server at the neighborhood IHOP without any difficulty. Even though she moved into a new apartment, she lacked the funds to furnish it.

She recognized the faces of singer-songwriter Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy one day while at work.

Bethany was delighted to serve them because Danny has always been one of her favorite performers. She was unaware that the day would get even better, though.

After finishing their meal, Donnie and Jenny paid the $35.27 bill and wrote a note to Bethany on the receipt that said, “Thanks, Bethany, Happy New Year.2020 Tip Challenge,” giving her a $2,020 gratuity.

She was instructed not to examine the receipt before they left. When she finally had a chance to look at it, she saw the large tip. It goes without saying that Bethany was ecstatic.

This kind of thoughtful action may undoubtedly brighten everyone’s day. Visit the video below for additional information on the story.

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