Young boy comes across a cop and slips him a note – He reads it quickly jumping up from his seat

Noah then hesitantly approached Officer Benitez while holding the receipt. He was so shocked that he leaped out of his seat when he handed the police the receipt, according to Amanda.

Nine-year-old Florida resident Noah wants to work as a police officer someday. He thinks that the contributions made by these men and women to our society and nation are deserving of all the honor.

At the restaurant where Noah’s mother works, it was “Bring Your Kid to Work” Day, so she made the decision to take Noah along. Young Noah observed a large number of people walking in as he spent his day at Danny’s. He suddenly noticed a police officer walking into the area.

Mr. Benitez, the cop, was going to eat his lunch. Given his alone, Noah had the opportunity to do something very special for him.

The young child went to his mother and enquired if it was okay to buy the officer’s lunch. The idea Noah had caught his mother Amanda off guard. She naturally agreed and then questioned Noah as to why he wanted to do it. Noah answered that although he didn’t know who the officer was, he valued his service and just wanted to say thank you.

The server handed Noah the tab. This sweet youngster paid for it with the aid of his mother, who also scribbled on it, “I want to be you when I grow up. I appreciate your service.

Then, clutching the bill, Noah approached Officer Benitez. The officer was initially perplexed, but after reading the heartwarming letter, he got up from his chair and shook Noah’s hand.

The Lakeland Police Department later posted a picture of the two that Amanda had taken earlier. “Well, Noah, you touched all of our hearts today,” they added. All of the men and women who wear uniforms every day much appreciate your support.

Officer Benitez was extremely appreciative to Noah and his mother for buying him lunch and brightening his day. Noah was really important. He meant that I needed to get out of bed every morning, put on my uniform, and perform my duties. You realize? For all those guys, that means I have to keep striving to set a good example,” the officer stated.

Noah, who is still a little boy, is aware of the significance of the function that police officers perform in our society. One of the reasons he aspires to be an officer one day is because of this. If that occurs, according to his mother Amanda, she would be a “proud mother.”

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