“When, after 10 years of hopeless attempts, I finally gave birth to triplets at the age of 48, instead of congratulating me, everyone around started criticizing me.”

I gave birth to triplets six months ago, and I’m 48 years old. It brought my spouse and I great joy. I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for the previous ten years.

Doctors would simply shake their heads and advise me to start having kids sooner. Relatives recommended adopting a child from an orphanage rather than investing as much money on fertility procedures. But I wanted my own child to enjoy being pregnant and giving birth.

I didn’t consider having children when I was younger because of the problems I had with my previous marriage. But everything changed when I met Vadim. Being approximately twenty years old, we were both fairly young when we were married. He soon started abusing me, and because of his alcoholism, our relationship terminated.

After that unpleasant encounter, my recuperation was a long and difficult process. Then I met Leonid, the love of my life. He was unique among guys, kind, and committed to our relationship. I started desiring kids when I met him.

We were thrilled when I finally became pregnant after another attempt. Leonid was encouraging throughout my pregnancy, even showing up to see both deliveries and bravely holding my hand. After the kids were born, our lives underwent a significant transformation. Many people were quick to criticize us, feeling that having three children at such a young age was inappropriate.

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