His Classmates Called Him “Rabbit Boy” – But Wait Till You See Him Now

Bullying is never appropriate, regardless of whether it is directed at a child at school or an adult at work.

Evan Hill of New Zealand had a difficult childhood as a result of the mocking and bullying he endured because of his unusually large front teeth.

Bullies picked on him because of the way his teeth looked. Because his two front teeth were so prominent, people began to call him “rabbit boy.”

His huge front teeth caused him to be teased and harassed, but they also had negative health consequences.

He had difficulty closing his mouth completely, among other things. Since Evan’s parents couldn’t afford the surgery he needed, they were unable to help their son.

Then, an article on Evan’s teeth was published in a magazine. The story moved a lot of people.

The people of his hometown and all throughout the country showed their enthusiastic support for him.

There was so much love for Evan that complete strangers started a GoFundMe to assist him pay for the life-changing surgery he so sorely needed.

“I don’t know where we would have been today without the generosity we had,” Evan’s mother told Newshub.

It had been five years since Evan’s ordeal initially made headlines, but now the moment had come.

Private donations from hundreds of complete strangers provided the entire funding for the procedure.

The remainder was given to a charity to help other underprivileged kids get dental care.

After his operation, Evan was able to show his teeth and grin without feeling self-conscious.

See him as he is now in the video down below!

No one should ever be picked on because of how they appear, but I’m glad Evan was able to get the cosmetic surgery he desired.

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