Who has the biggest boobs in the world? Fetish model with backbreaking 102ZZZ bazoombas

Annie Hawkins-Turner, known as Norma Stitz, holds the world record for the largest breasts, an astonishing 102ZZZ in size. She gained fame as a fetish model, born in 1956 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her late husband, Allen Turner, encouraged her to start a website showcasing her immense chest.

Annie’s condition, gigantomastia, causes her breasts to weigh a whopping nine stone due to excessive breast tissue growth. Her breasts began developing at five years old, reaching 36D by age nine. Despite having two children, she couldn’t breastfeed due to her condition. Annie declined breast reduction surgery, stating that her back muscles developed to support her growth.

Her breasts led to a Guinness World Record, millions of fans, and £40,000 in annual earnings. Her net worth stands at £5.5 million. Despite her success, Annie faces daily taunts and scrutiny, sharing how it affects her and her son emotionally, while recalling teenage teasing for her ample bosom.

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