Mercilessly bullied for having no nose, little girl proves she’s beautiful in her own way

This brave little girl, who was born without a nose, has challenged societal norms and inspired others to embrace the diverse beauty found in each and every one of us!

Tessa may have been born with a rare condition called complete congenital arhinia, but she’s still radiating unparalleled enthusiasm despite facing unique challenges from the second she came into this world.

Complete congenital arhinia is a very rare anomaly affecting only 100 people globally. It results in the absence of the nose’s development in the womb. In Tessa’s case, this condition means that she is unable to smell.

Her parents, Grainne and Nathan Evans, discovered Tessa’s facial deformity during an ultrasound, prompting a mix of emotions as they learned that their daughter would be born without a nose, just five months into the pregnancy.

Despite the initial shock, the Evans family – who are from County Derry, Northern Ireland – were determined to provide little Tessa with the best possible care and support. Born without a nose, Tessa underwent a tracheotomy shortly after birth to assist her in breathing. Then, at just eleven months old, she faced another challenge – cataract surgery.

Two years later, Tessa underwent some cosmetic surgery, during which surgeons implanted some prosthetics under the skin where her nose should be, laying the foundation for constructing an artificial nose in the future. The operation, which involved bone and skin grafts, aimed to gradually enhance Tessa’s appearance over time.

It’s hoped that, eventually, doctors will be able to construct a nose for Tessa using a 3D printer!

Living without a nose, Tessa adapted to breathing through her mouth and navigating a world without the sense of smell. Despite these challenges, her infectious joy and enthusiasm for life have become a powerful testament to her unwavering determination.

“Tessa has proved everybody wrong. She exceeded everybody’s expectations,” Grainne, Tessa’s mother, said during a recent YouTube interview.

Sadly, other people haven’t always been so kind to Tessa – especially as many of them struggle to understand that they will encounter people who look different from them at some point in their lives. Some cruel trolls have even named Tessa ‘Voldemort’, after Harry Potter’s bald and noseless arch nemesis. But, Tessa (a huge Harry Potter fan herself) has taken this all in her stride, even dressing up as the Dark Lord for Halloween!

In addition to defying expectations, Tessa possesses an uncanny ability to just light up any room she enters. “She walks into any room, and she can lift the room’s mood and make everyone happy,” added Nathan, Tessa’s father.

Tessa’s story has garnered global attention, serving as a source of inspiration for countless individuals confronting their own challenges. Her strength and resilience only serve to prove that true beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance.

In a world often overrun with negativity and hatred, Tessa’s story goes to show that we can always overcome adversity, and that being a good human makes us beautiful on the inside – and I’d argue that this far outshines everything else.

What do you think of little Tessa’s remarkable story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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