Grocery Bagger Takes $20 Out Of His Own Wallet To Pay For Elderly Woman’s Groceries

With all of the negativity in the world today, it’s easy to forget that there are still good people out there who are doing kind things for one another.

A heartwarming story is going viral this week about a grocery bagger who went above and beyond to help an elderly woman in need.

Frederick works as a bagger at Big Y World Class Market in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He was bagging groceries recently for an elderly woman when he noticed that she did not have enough money to pay for her items.

This is an embarrassing situation for anyone to be in, and the elderly woman was understandably distressed.

She was then stunned when Frederick took $20 out of his own pocket and handed it over to her so that she could pay for her groceries!

“While I was checking out I noticed an elderly lady in the next lane who didn’t have enough money to pay for her order,” the grocery store tweeted. “The young gentleman who was bagging her groceries gave her $20 so she could pay for her order.”

We applaud Frederick for going out of his way to help an elderly woman who needed it! He is not the only Big Y employee who just performed an act of kindness. Anna from Torrington was also praised for running out to the parking lot to let a customer know that he or she had forgotten an item.

“A can of soup was forgotten when the cashier was bagging, and Anna came out into the parking lot and brought it to me,” the customer said.

Just simple acts of kindness that can brighten all our days. We need more people like Frederick and Anna in the world!

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