Baldwin claims he is not responsible for the incident in Rust

Alec Baldwin believes he will avoid prosecution for the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust.

“I hired a private investigator,” Baldwin said CNN, adding later, “These last 10 months have stolen years from my life.”

On October 21, Baldwin was practising with the gun that killed Halyna. The.45 Colt could not have been shot without someone pushing the trigger, according to an FBI forensic investigation released last week. It was also mentioned that 150 live rounds of ammo were discovered at the location

Baldwin, the film’s producer, has repeatedly said he did not fire the shot. According to the actor, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the film’s armourer, props assistant, and assistant director Dave Halls are to blame for Halyna’s murder.


Dave Halls delivered the rifle to the actor and said it was “cold,” implying it was empty of live bullets.

Why didn’t Gutierrez Reed check that bullet twice? What made Halls disobey her? Baldwin was perplexed. “How come he handed me the gun?” What caused him to neglect to check? Why did he inform the crew that the pistol was cold?

Baldwin’s private investigator’s findings corroborate his conclusion that no one will face criminal prosecution.
Baldwin added that he intended to complete Rust for Halyna’s family to “put money in the kid’s pocket.” Matt and Halyna Hutchins had a child together. They have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and others. On the other hand, Matt previously described the actor’s approach toward accountability as “absurd.”

“Someone should have known better than to load the weapon with live bullets,” Baldwin concluded. “Gutierrez Reed was given the assignment. Her task was to assess the ammo and insert the dummy cartridge or blank bullet because there were no live rounds on the set.”

“Two persons did not do what they were supposed to do,” he explained.
“I’m not sitting here saying I want their lives to be miserable or that they should be imprisoned. Although I do not wish for this, I do wish for everyone to recognise that those two are to fault for what occurred.”

Baldwin emphasised how awful Halyna’s death was again. “A life was lost when it could have been avoided.” He considered it to be worthless. “That is something I consider regularly.”

Baldwin shared a clip from her CNN interview on social media, in which she explained how the pistol fired without the user pushing the trigger.

Santa Fe County prosecutors still need to specify how to proceed with their investigation.
“I’m certain neither of them should ever work on a movie set again,” Baldwin declared.

Baldwin Image

“I am confident that investigators will conclude that this was an accident. It’s terrible.”
Gutierrez Reed was not “condemned,” according to the actor.
“I mean, maybe it’s because I’m Catholic,” Baldwin explained.
“I am compelled to express plainly that I do not wish to see anyone suffer. I don’t want to say, ‘Go grab her and sentence her,’ while sitting here.”

According to Halls and Gutierrez Reed’s attorney, Baldwin attempts to divert attention away from himself.
Baldwin went on to say that the accident had cost him five jobs in under a year.

“I was fired from another job yesterday,” he explained. “I was ready to board a plane and go to the movies. These folks and I have been chatting for months, and they have just told me that they do not want to work on the project with me because of this.”

Many people have commented on the tragedy, including former President Donald Trump, who said Baldwin shot the videographer on purpose.
“There’s just a torrent of stupid people criticising me,” he explained. Baldwin claimed that his wife, Hilaria, who is pregnant with their seventh child, has been his pillar of strength throughout this ordeal.

“I’m not sure where I would be right now if it wasn’t for my wife,” he said.

“If it hadn’t been for her, I would have given up, retired, gone off, sold everything I owned, bought a house in the middle of nowhere, and found another job, such as selling real estate.”

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