14-Year-Old Girl Spend 200$ To Buy An Old Caravan, But Wait Till You See What She Made Of It

Ellie Yeater doesn’t hang out with friends, go swimming, or waste her leisure time playing video games during the summer.
The Williamstown, West Virginia, teen, who is 14 years old, spent her summer vacation converting a 1974 Wilderness camper into a “Glamper.”The word “glamper” is created by fusing the words “camping” and “glamorous”.She asserts that the upgraded Wilderness glamper will make camping much more pleasurable and convenient.

You won’t believe what an ambitious high school student she is until you see her gorgeously renovated Wilderness camper.

According to the child’s mother Lori, she saved up roughly $500 through housekeeping, birthday money, and other activities to buy and remodel the camper.

This image shows the camper as it was before any modifications.

Yeater said she saw her camper listed for $200 on a neighborhood bulletin board.

She bought paint, flooring, textiles, and other amenities for her glamper with the money she had left over after purchasing the camper.

Ellie asserts that the camper was in terrible condition because its previous owners used it for both camping and hunting. There was a ton of labor involved. her mother stated.

Isaiah, her older brother, came up with the original concept for building a tiny camper.

According to her, Isaiah built a little cabin for him and his friends to hang out in, and she wanted something similar for her friend, only “cuter” and situated closer to the house as she required electricity and Wi-Fi.

Before she could launch her business, the camper had to be completely disassembled and cleaned.

Then she went and painted the camper with Valspar’s “Mystic Sea” color.

In the image above, Ellie removes any excess glue from the floor after everything has been disassembled.

Above is a picture of her grandpa Lawrence showing her how to do basic carpentry tasks like bracing and filling holes.

Ellie chose an aqua blue color scheme as her favored choice for the next step.

Ellie laboriously paints the interior, changing the boring wood concept into one that is more vibrant.

The camper’s interior is starting to take shape in the picture below, showing some development.

In the final stages, the finishing touches were added. Mary, Ellie’s grandmother, helped make the upholstery for the seat cushions and curtains while Ellie lay new floor tiles.

Ellie said she accumulated a lot of things during the summer to get ready for her glamper.

In the image below, you can see her carrying in a mannequin decoration that she purchased from a warehouse that recently closed.

She claimed Pinterest was really helpful in providing her with a lot of project inspiration.

Ellie keeps adorning the nearly finished Glamper with her decorations, which also include a vintage camera, a vintage electric fan, and matching napkins made by her grandmother.

She responds that she might have a sleepover with her friends or just some quiet time to read and play the ukulele when asked what she wants to do once the project is complete.

With her determination, Ellie built a beautiful glamper. For someone her age to take on such a sizable undertaking by herself is amazing.

When Ellie’s mother is questioned about why her daughter would accept such a task, she replies, “I have never told her that she couldn’t do anything.”

Ellie was inspired by that kind of support to start working on a wonderful project.

When we consider Ellie’s project as a whole, we must never lose sight of the fact that hard work always pays dividends. Any goal we set our minds to can be accomplished.

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