Whoopi Goldberg Kicked Out of Red Carpet Event: “You Were Asked Not To Come”

In a stunning turn of events, legendary actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg turned away from a red-carpet event in Hollywood last night, despite her status as a beloved Hollywood icon.

According to sources close to the event, Goldberg was informed ahead of time that she was not welcome on the red carpet, but decided to attend anyway.

When she arrived, security personnel informed her that she was not allowed to enter and must leave the premises immediately.

Goldberg reportedly tried to reason with the security personnel, insisting that she had every right to attend the event. However, they remained firm in their decision and escorted her off the premises.

In a statement released to the press, the event organizers explained their decision to turn Goldberg away, citing concerns about her recent behavior on social media.

“We had asked Ms. Goldberg not to attend the event due to her recent inflammatory comments on social media,” the statement read. “Unfortunately, she ignored our request and showed up anyway, causing a disruption and putting the safety of our guests at risk.”

Goldberg has not yet publicly commented on the incident, but sources close to her say she is considering legal action against the event organizers for discrimination.

This incident has sparked a heated debate in Hollywood about the limits of free speech and the responsibilities of celebrities in the public eye.

While some have defended Goldberg’s right to speak her mind, others have argued that her behavior has gone too far and she should be held accountable for her words.

In the end, this incident serves as a stark reminder that even the most beloved and respected figures in Hollywood are not immune to controversy and criticism. Whether or not Goldberg will be able to make amends with the event organizers and the public remains to be seen.

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