Jimmy Carter revealed heartbreaking plan to his son months before Rosalynn’s death

Jimmy Carter remained convinced he would outlive his wife Rosalynn, and remained determined to protect her and care for her to the best of his ability to the end.

That’s according to new information from his son, Chip Carter, who also revealed that his father had become concerned he might pass before Rosalynn given his deteriorating health.

Alas, the former First Lady passed away on Saturday afternoon on November 19, having joined her husband of 77 years in hospice care less than 48 hours prior.

Last week, Rosalynn joined her husband half a year after being diagnosed with dementia. Yet a mere two days after doing so, Rosalynn’s health continued to deteriorate after she picked up an infection that antibiotics failed to fight.

As per new reports, Jimmy sat in his wheelchair by her bed, but soon made the heartbreaking decision to send others out of the room so that he could be alone with his love.

It’s said that late on Saturday evening, Jimmy was moved into his own hospice bed, which was then placed beside his wife’s so that the couple – married some 77 years – could talk to one another.

Tragically, though, by Sunday morning Rosalynn had lost the power of speech. Later that day, her long and inspiring life came to an end.

Of course, no one is likely feeling the pain of her passing more keenly than Jimmy, who described Rosalynn as “my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,”

WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 04: Former US President Jimmy Carter listens during the kick-off of an all-week construction project to mark the World Habitat Day and the annual Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project October 4, 2010 in the Ivy City neighborhood of Washington, DC. Carter was recently released from an Ohio hospital after being treated for a viral infection. Under the project a total of 86 homes will be built, rehabilitated or repaired in Washington, DC; Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; and Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Yet the former president might take some small measure of solace in knowing he was able to be there for his lifelong love as he intended.

According to Chip Carter, Jimmy and Rosalynn’s son, Jimmy had explained to him time and again that he didn’t want to die before Rosalynn.

“Dad told me several times over the last nine months that he had always believed he would survive mom and protect her until she died, but that now he wasn’t sure that would happen – and that upset him,” said Chip.

“But he stayed alive. We all told him how proud we were of his relationship with her and how he took care of her.”

Jimmy himself, of course, has faced a number of health issues in recent years. Now 99, the former president moved into hospice care in February after a series of short hospital stays.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Carter family at this time. Rest in peace, Rosalynn Carter.

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