Ms Nepal Makes History As First ‘Plus-Sized’ Miss Universe Contestant: She Exposed What Cruel Things People Have Said To Her

One of the most prestigious pageants in the world of pageants is Miss Universe.

International young ladies fight for the championship that has the power to completely alter their lives.

Although Miss Nepal did not win this year, she nevertheless made history in another way. To find out more about what made her so special, keep reading!

There have been Miss Universe pageants for 71 years. But something unusual happened to the pageant this year: a competitor who was plus-sized.

The 22-year-old Nepali competitor created history by being the first female competitor whose size did not match the norm for the sport!

Even though many people admired her distinctive physique and beauty, she received harsh criticism from those who couldn’t look past her attractiveness!

Jane Dipika Garrett spoke her opinions and her feelings honestly

She battled low self-esteem but had always wanted to be a model. But taking part in the competition gave her a newfound sense of self-confidence.

She claimed that she had not anticipated receiving as much acclaim as she did when performing.

The youthful Nepalese lady declared that she “wasn’t expecting anything” and that she took part “to represent women all over the world” in addition to representing her nation.

Although she received a lot of admiration, the young Miss Universe competitor acknowledged that she also received some critical letters. Some of the texts, in her words, were just “cruel.”

She said, “I see things like, ’Oh, she’s a whale,’ or ’Why don’t you go to the gym?’ And things like that.” She went on, “It’s like they don’t even know my story. They don’t even know what I’m going through.”

She disclosed that she was given a diagnosis of PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

People with the diagnosis have more androgens than usual because the ovaries produce too many androgens, which is what causes the disorder. Various people experience varied manifestations of PCOS; some may gain weight, others may experience irregular menstrual periods, acne, and excessive hair growth.

She disclosed that she had recently put on some weight as a result of the illness. “That’s also really taken a toll on my mental health and my self-esteem because I thought that I wasn’t good enough or that I wasn’t beautiful enough.” the Miss Universe contestant stated.

She continued to give the Miss Universe contest her all without letting anything stop her

To win the title, she put a lot of preparation into it and made sure to give it her all.

We should learn to disregard those who are constantly critical of other people and will always find something wrong with their appearance!

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