Julia Robert’s daughter is growing up quickly and looks just like her mom back in the day

A celebrity we hardly ever hear from is Julia Roberts. Fans know nothing about her personal life.

Despite her being an Oscar-winning actress who has appeared in some of the most successful films over the last three decades.

A Twitter account is registered under her name with 540,000 followers, however there are no tweets.

She doesn’t have any social medical accounts like Instagram or Facebook.

Although most celebrities interact with their fans and share pictures of themselves and their family on social media, Julia hasn’t jumped on that train yet.

The 50-year-old actress revealed that she has other priorities during an interview.

What’s a good analogy? It’s like people talking about a TV show: I can be perfectly aware of the TV show and the story, but it doesn’t mean I watch it. I have other friends who watch it, and they tell me about it. I mean we were talking about Instagram. Everyone has Instagram on their phone. [if I had it] I would be looking at it all the time,” Julia Roberts says.

There are some wonderful things about this actress:

She has a loving husband and three wonderful children who she adores.

Julia Roberts has had several relationships with actors like Benjamin Bratt and Kiefer Sutherland during her acting years.

For two years she was married to the singer Lyle Lovett. However Julia found her real love of her life behind the camera.

During the filming of “THe Mexican” movie, Julia and Daniel Moder met and later got married in 2002.

When I think about what makes my life my life, and make sense and just shine inside of me, it’s him. Everything has come from that,” she explained.

In 2004, the couple welcomed twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, followed by another son Henry three years later.

Julia hasn’t shared many pictures of her children over the years and has kept them away from the public.

We try to protect our kids. We just want to have our family life and not have that intruded upon,” she explained.

Julia may not flaunt her kids on the internet however this is changing as her they get older.

Photographs of her 13-year-old daughter are now surfacing.

Many are surprised at how uncannily similar mother and daughter look.

The following image is of Hazel when she was younger.

Apart from the different hair colour, you have to admit Hazel and Julia look almost identical.

Hazel is Julia’s only daughter, and for a long period, not much was known about her. But recently, more photos of Hazel have become public, and many are surprised by how similar mother and daughter look

We can’t wait to see what Hazel ends up accomplishing in life as she gets older!

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